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Kubernetes Migration case




NFTrade is a growing marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. As the demand for NFTs has increased, the company needed to scale its infrastructure to handle the growing traffic and provide a better user experience. NFTrade engaged, a DevOps and Cloud consultancy firm, to provide guidance and support.


NFTrade faced several challenges, including the need to scale its infrastructure to handle increasing traffic, the requirement for more developers to work on the platform simultaneously, and the need to provide feature and ephemeral environments for testing and development. Additionally, NFTrade's existing infrastructure lacked automation, making it difficult to manage and deploy new features and updates.

Solution proposed a solution that involved moving to Kubernetes, a container orchestration platform that provides greater scalability, flexibility, and automation. The new infrastructure included EKS with Karpenter for efficient node scaling for peaks in traffic. Spot Instances were used to reduce infrastructure costs, as most services were able to be interrupted, while External-dns was employed to manage the Route53 records and provide greater control and automation. External-dns also helped manage the many changing records for the ephemeral environments. All infrastructure was managed by Terraform using Dcode's in-house modules.

To deploy the services onto Kubernetes, consultants used Gitlab CICD and Helm Charts. This allowed for faster and more efficient deployment of new features and updates. NFTrade's infrastructure was migrated from self-managed Postgres to Postgres RDS with auto-growing storage for monitored and backed-up data integrity, and to be able to scale effectively.


The new infrastructure enabled NFTrade to handle a 500% increase in traffic compared to its previous infrastructure. Spot Instances and External-dns were critical to achieving this.
The use of Spot Instances reduced infrastructure costs by 60%, while External-dns reduced management time for Route53 records.
The implementation of Helm Charts and CICD reduced the deployment time for new features from 2 hours to just 10 minutes, resulting in a 95% reduction in deployment time.

CTO of NFTrade Shahaf Antwarg - "Our experience with has been outstanding. They have helped us to build a scalable and reliable infrastructure that has enabled us to handle the increasing traffic and provide a better user experience. Their expertise in DevOps and Cloud consulting has been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as we grow our business."

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