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Get the most out of cloud computing with our cloud infrastructure and cloud migration services. Dcode's experts will help you to design and build cloud infrastructure to increase the maintainability, scalability, and security of your environments.

Identifying cloud strategy goals

Before the migration, it is important to specify which benefits moving to the cloud help your company to accomplish. In general, companies seek to improve their time to market, enforce infrastructure reliability and reduce the costs of maintaining in-house systems.

Choosing a cloud provider

This step requires a thorough analysis and includes many factors that must be considered. First, it is the technical and financial expediency of preferring one provider over another, and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that they offer.

Creating the migration road map

At this stage, our consultants prepare a detailed step-by-step plan that describes the process timelines, the resources to be migrated, and their capacity. For example, business-critical services should be transferred during the lowest workload time (usually at night) to keep the consistency of business processes. 

Performing the migration

As the testing proves successful, our engineers synchronize your existing infrastructure with the new cloud environment and transfer your data to the cloud. Finally, the traffic is switched to the new platform.

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What Our Customers Say

“We were working together on a GraphQL project, in which the users are developers. Maor is doing a great job with the Architecture and Development, showing incredible research skills, and deep understanding of the industry standards and trends.”
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