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Before you begin

To prepare for the onboarding after signing up with, you need to understand your current usage of AWS Organizations and AWS accounts.

AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations is an account management service that provides consolidated billing capabilities.

  • If you use one AWS account to pay all charges accrued by multiple accounts, then you are using AWS Organizations.

  • If you use multiple AWS accounts to pay charges accrued by multiple accounts, then you may have a mix of accounts with and without Organizations. You can reach out to your DoiT contact to set up a review with us.

  • If you have only one AWS account, open the AWS Organizations Console with an IAM administrator role. If you have the option to Create an Organization, then you are not using AWS Organizations yet.


AWS Organizations features

AWS Organizations has two feature sets: All features and Consolidated Billing features.

To see which features you've enabled:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Organizations Console as an IAM admin user in the organization's management account (the payer account of the organization).

  2. Select Settings in the navigation pane, find the Feature Set section.

    • If it shows Consolidated Features Only, then you're not using Organizations-level features.

    • If it shows Your organization has all features enabled, then you might be using some Organizations-level features.

      1. Select Services in the navigation pane.

      2. Note down all the features that have "Access enabled" in the Trusted access column.


Payer account and member account

AWS Organizations terminology and concepts describe the AWS management account as the payer account of an AWS organization that pays a consolidated invoice for all the member accounts.

To find out the type of AWS account you're using, sign in to the AWS Organizations Console:

  • If you have the option to Create an organization, then you're using a standalone management account that has no associated organizations or member accounts.

  • If you see AWS accounts, Services, Policies, and Settings in the navigation pane, then you're using a management account of an AWS organization with member accounts.

  • If you see none of the above, then you're using a member account.

    Select Dashboard in the navigation pane to find the management account email address and account ID. If the email address is in a domain different from your company, you're purchasing AWS services from a reseller or a managed service provider (MSP). In such a case, you may not have access to the payer/management account. Make sure to mention this to your Contact.

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